The Function of Freedom

From the Foreward

This humble collection of stories and poems has been made in celebration of the 85th anniversary of the League of Utah Writers. 1935-2020. It is a potpourri of ideas and styles and amateurs and professionals among our membership. It is an historical artifact and a souvenir for our 2020 Quills writing conference...

We went with The Function of Freedom. This is a quote from the late great Toni Morrison; "The function of freedom is to free others." This we did to commemorate that great author's passing just last year, but also to challenge our writers to recognize their importance in culture and their place in history...

Big ideas. Those are the bones of our art. The smallest couplet, the silliest comedy, the grandest fantasy, each will have a germ of a big idea, if not a full-on sapling or... what's after sapling? Tree. A-full-on tree. These ideas will take root whether we like it or not, so why not plant one, an important one, a historic one, a favored one, a lovely one, and have our talented people grow that?

The Function of Freedom.

A seed. A start. A writing prompt. A collection of stories both timely and important. A celebration of writing, a look at the big idea...

Publication Information

Published by: LUW Press
Authors: Margot Monroe, Daniel Yocum, Blithe Anderson, John M. Olsen, Danielle Harward, Elizabeth Suggs, Marie Tollstrup, J.E. Zarnofsky, C.H. Lindsay, Alexis Hansen, Grace Diane Jessen, Kam Hadley, Chris Jones, Valerie Schenk, Anna Bessesen, J. Milligan, Sarah Murtagh, Johnny Worthen, Miranda Hughes, Jayrod P. Garrett, Christopher G. Jones, Erica Swenson, Shirley Manning, Caryn Larrinaga, Tim Heare, Denis Feeman, Cassidy, Rachael Bush, Bryan Young
Editors: The Utah Freelance Editors Chapter of the League of Utah Writers
Cover Artist: Maynard Dixon
Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-0988236790
A picture of The Function of Freedom Anthology
Publication Date: July 26, 2020
The Function of Freedom