In the journey of putting my webpage together, I wanted to take moment to express gratitude to some of the wonderful human beings who made this possible for me. A Picture of Jenna Eatough

My web designer & web teacher is Jenna Eatough. You can find her for your own web design here: She’s designed things for my page, taught me how to utilize the resources of web design, and is currently teaching me CSS coding. She is a wonderful human being who also is co-founder of a beautiful organization known as Fyrecon. It was the first convention that let me know, I have valuable skills as a poet and writer to teach and I should be sharing them.

A Picture of the A Mighty Fortress AnthnologyJenna is working on her bio at this time. Please be patient with me while she develops it. In the meantime, here is her author website: She is also a talented writer who is building her audience. Read her award-winning story Crossroads of the Sky in A Mighty Fortress.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sorry, but I could write several thousand about the warmth, generosity of spirit, and kindness of my friend Francesca. This picture tells you what she looks like, but not what her heart does. She is responsible for the professional artwork you find on my page. Here is a little bit about her:

Francesca Myman is a senior editor and design editor at Locus Magazine, where she has worked for fourteen years. She has done over 100 Locus covers, all but seven with her original artwork. She also handles interior and spot art for the magazine and website, event planning for the Locus Awards, convention coverage and photography, art books acquisition and wrangling, and many other strange and wonderful tasks. She has taken a leading role in curating theA Picture of Francesca Myman art books section of the Locus Recommended Reading List for many years, and is always thinking about ways to increase the profile of fellow artists in the field. A graduate of Yale University, California College of the Arts, Hollins University, and the Clarion West writing workshop, she has an abiding interest in SFnal non-fiction and theory, particularly as it pertains to building a framework to support social justice work in the field and to create and sustain diverse and welcoming spaces. Her interests also include jewelry, jazz music, and cephalopods.

She is responsible for the Infusion Star in the background of my website and many more beautiful illustrations to come for the world of Kianga. Find her at: & You can also just click here and get a subscription to Locus. This not only supports her, but gets you, my fair reader, excellent information on the Science Fiction and Fantasy world as a writer.