Information is collected when a person registers for the newsletter, comments on a blog or poem, or emails Jayrod. Only the site administrators will see any information. Parents of a child 13 or under who has registered for either the newsletter or to comment on my blog can cancel that subscription and delete that information here or contact our administrators directly here.


What personal information is collected?


Jayrod P. Garrett’s site only collects the following information through the newsletter, blog, and email forms sign up forms:

First and Last Name

Email Address

City, State, and Country


How Information is used?


We use the information:

To fulfill requests by the user.


Third Parties

Jayrod P. Garrett’s website does not share any information with anyone other than the author and any site administrators, except when required by proper legal processes (for example, this website may cooperate with criminal investigations in the United States and foreign criminal investigations).