PoetFlow Anthology

Poem Title: PoetFlow Anthology

From the Introduction:

PoetFlow was created to provide a safe space for local poets and writers to share their words. Through the sharing and baring of souls through spoken word, the members of PoetFlow have grown together as supportive community, endearing the weaving of our life stories together.

Every writer is embraced at PoetFlow, from amateur poets to published writers. We are about community as much as we are about creative artistry. All are welcome to visit, listen, and share at the open mic each week at the Lighthouse Lounge. The poetry featured here is from our PoetFlow community, including regular members and guest poets.

Poems included in this Volume

Ogden Untamed

Circus Ogden (A Napkin Poem)

The Legend of Jack

Publication Information

Published by: Glass Spider Publishing
Publisher Site: https://www.glassspiderpublishing.com/
Authors: Sarah Cox, Leonides Ortiz, Mary Luna, Rachelle Greenwell, Brad Roghaar, Shanielle Faith, Shanan Ballam, Star Coulbrooke, Allison McLennan, Christina Miller, Brian Bernard, Cindy Jones, Kase Johnstun, Donna Hernandez, Elisabeth Huber, Janica Johnstun, Jayrod Garrett, Kristin Thorpe, Billie Spears, Patrick Ramsay, Rees Sweeten, Tanner Lee
Editors: Editors: Vince Font, Christina Miller;
Cover Artist: Sarah Cox
Pages: 107
ISBN: 978-1798422731
Picture of the PoetFlow Anthology
Publication Status: Available
Publication Date: August 28, 2019
PoetFlow Anthology, curated by Christina Miller and Vince Font, represents the original writings of Ogden, Utah, poets in their natural element: the Lighthouse Lounge on Historic 25th Street, which has hosted the weekly PoetFlow open mic event for years and has rapidly become a safe haven where poets of all experience levels share time, space, and the spoken word. Contained herein is a collection of the original works of many of these poets, including the works of established guest poets in the Ogden area.
PoetFlow Anthology